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The "Kivistik Clematis Collection" of Clematis from Estonia. 

The Kivistik Clematis Collection™ Finally, an amazing clematis collection for consistent gardening success!! Pride of Place Plants Inc., is proud to represent the fine breeding work of Uno and Aili Kivistik and their Clematis cultivars. The Roogoja Farm, of the Kivistik family, is located in Karla village, Kose parrish, Harjumaa county of Estonia. More than 100 years old, the farm is 43 hectars in size and is situated at the banks of the river Kuivajoe. Roogoja Farm is recognized as the northernmost breeding nursery for Clematis Cultivars, located on the 58th parallel. The farm is continued by Aili, son Taavi and his wife Aime (Uno Kivistik passed in 1998). These cultivars have rarely been seen in North America but their contribution to Horticulture deserves full recognition.

The Kivistik’s Clematis breeding program was met with the criteria to create cultivars with:

*Compact growth habit

*Annual numerous rich blossoms that develop on the current season’s growth lasting throughout the Spring and Summer months.
Note: These clematis are blooming (not just one or two blooms but a load full) year after year consistently with no difficulty of care, and surviving all temperatures,

*The Clematis cultivars needed to be able to be pruned low (to 15 cm) so they could endure the cold winter temperatures offered in Estonia, and still returning year after year. And they do!

*As an added bonus, the criteria met the growers and gardeners needs in the current trends of patio and container plants and small gardens.
After testing extensively in our test gardens of Pride of Place Plants Inc., at Victoria British Columbia, Canada, we are hooked and you will be too!

Clematis hybrid Ilka pp#22902,copf   Ilka exhibits large 8cm pale lilac blue waved tepals superbly set off with filaments...
Clematis hybrid Rahvarinne pp#22900,copf   Rahvarinne’s large flowers are a unique in that the tepals are broadly elliptic,...
Clematis hybrid Silmakavi pp#22921,copf   Silmakavi” has such pretty large Wisteria blue colored flowers with a bar that is a lighter blue, then offset with pale yellow anthers on creamy white filaments.
Clematis hybrid Minister pp#22921,copf   “Minister” displays large violet blue double or semi double flowers in spring and single blooms later. Shown off with creamy colored filaments tipped and with reddish-purple anthers. The flowers 6 tepals have a slightly infused darker violet bar and are elliptic pointed to 10 cm length!
Clematis hybrid Kaunitar pp#22677,copf
  Upon opening, an impressive cobalt violet, with dianthus purple bar and chartreuse yellow stamens appears, then nicely fading to a pleasing soft pinkish violet color. Amazingly, the flowers bloom continuously and very prolifically from late spring to late summer giving an abundance of pleasure.
Clematis hybrid Reiman pp#22652,copf
  The stunning large flowers of “Reiman” have such a gorgeous beetroot purple color, accented with maroon red bar and cream colored stamens with maroon anthers. An amazing amount of blooms, continuously and very prolifically from late spring to late summer.
Clematis hybrid Ruutel pp#22679,copf   A ruby red, large flowering, compact growing Clematis, simply an outstanding! The masses of flowers bloom continuously and very prolifically from late spring to late summer.
Clematis hybrid jackmanii Ristimagi pp#22922,copf   Ristimagi is really an outstanding performer, having showy violet blue tepals with a red-purple central bar and cream center. It is truly spectacular what the Kivistik’s have bred here, this is certainly one of our favorites! The flowers bloom continuously and very prolifically from late spring to late summer.

kc_huvi.jpg (24895 bytes)

Clematis 'kivihu . "Huvi" pp#22901, copf. 6-7 1/2 ft Single Large deep carmine red flowers with a satin-like sheen and a reddish mauve stripe. 6 boat-shaped tepals, in-curving wavy margins at base becoming reflexed toward the tip. Stamen tipped with yellow Anthers are pinky white Pohjanail x Niobe' type. 'Huvi' means 'An Interest' June, July, August Ideal for containers
Group 2 zone 3-9

Rahvarinne.jpg (57684 bytes)

Clematis "Rahvarinne" pp#22900,copf   Purplish-red flowers with brown anthers. Late large flowered group. Blooms Jul, Aug, Sept. Parentage is 'Ernest Markham' x 'Bal Tzvetov" Group zone 3-9
Clematis 'kiviseelik'  "Miniseelik" pp#22678,copf 5-8 ft Masses of flowers, opening bright red with a white stripe. Tepals later fading to purplish-red, white stripe veined in red. Greenish-yellow anthers on white filaments. Blooms July, Aug, Sept Miniseelik' meaning 'Miniskirt', a seedling of Jubileinyj-70'
Group 3 zone 3-9

The Kivistik Collection
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