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It's our green season, and that means rain off and on and lately it has been more on that off. Am I noticing this more because I am home? I do love the lushness around us though... We have been making good use of special discounts offered by hotels and restaurants and getting out to enjoy mini staycations and some great meals. Wonderful to see two new restaurants open now just across the street from where we live. Our area is growing...a new hospital just about ready to open, a new area being worked on called the Patio, just across from Town Center Mall that will allow people to bring pets and sit for outdoor meals...it is super. Little did we know how perfect our choice to move here 15 years ago would be. Panama is opening up and we are thrilled. We hear no more masks outside coming in December. On my tours for 2022...Four of five tours are a go already for 2022 with very few spots left. For your comfort, they are all fully vaccinated tours.

So with hope we look forward to 2022 and the joy of visiting some exquisite gardens....the main thing for me is that my tour guests feel safe and comfortable.

I have also been updating my FB page with what is happening here in Panama where I live and posting some of my many photos of beautiful flowers and places I have been to...because we will travel again....and we will appreciate it more.

CELEBRATING 23 YEARS of Tours for Garden Lovers...

You have some wonderful choices for garden tours with me in 2022..BUT they are all just about full now so sign up soon if you are coming with me. Floriade only happens once every ten years and Keukenhof is magical...it's a GO and just about full now. Greece includes a botanical artwork time and if you don't like that, you can sit around the pool and look at views that will take your breath away. Athens, Pelion and Corfu...it's a GO and only two spots left now. Chelsea Flower Show 2022 is all about gardens and they are amazing...plus Chelsea is unlike any show you have seen...it's a GO - 3 spots left now. Spain is of course some Gaudi and some extraordinary visits to gardens and palaces. Portugal is Porto and the Douro Valley filled with landscapes, gardens, wine...it's a GO and just a couple spots left now. My tours are all about gardens so if this is what you are looking for, then visit the tours site. My Pen & Tea Blog on the tours site brings you up to date with what is happening.

Our Garden Tours Site is www.gardeningtours.com

I hope you are following me on FaceBook so you can see what I am up to here in Panama and on my travels.
Our Panama site is at WhyPanama.net Moving to a tropical country from Zone 3a in Alberta was sure some kind of adjustment, but one that we are so thankful we did. It has opened up a whole new world of plant material and article opportunities for me.

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