"To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow" Audrey Hepburn

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"The time has come, " the Walrus said, "To talk of many things….

I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing so many of you over the years, of growing with you and helping you grow, of introducing new writers to you, of hosting Garden Clubs to help you find local places where you could go and learn about plants in your own area, of letting you know about new books that guided you along, of shops and stores where you could find garden products and on and on, but mostly I have met you through email and grown with you over 26 years of having ICanGarden.com Simply put Legacy to me is something that is passed on….be it reputation, what you have contributed, who you have touched…

When this site was created 26 years ago there was nothing out there like it. Yes, we were a trailblazer in so many ways and it was so exciting for me as I searched and researched and the more I did, the more I found and then gardeners and writers found us and off we set and the site grew to one huge resource for so many.

I started working on the site at the time I was taking my master gardener program so you can imagine the whirlwind of knowledge I was surrounded with and by. Creating it was never about the money, it was sheer pleasure at growing myself and sharing it with others and to this day that has remained true.

Through my membership with the Garden Writers Association it grew even more as I met such amazing writers and suppliers of garden products and plants that would benefit you where you live.

I visited gardens that took my breath away and could not wait to share with you…and that led me to start up my own unique garden tours in 1998 with my very first tour to England and Ireland in 1999.

…this is where I will focus my time now as www.gardeningtours.com continues after 23 years to bring not only me immense pleasure but those who travel with me…so many have become such wonderful friends and travel buddies that I wait for each tour to happen so we can meet and travel together again.

…and now I am so very thankful that someone has come along to continue the name of ICanGarden. With this, a whole new face will appear and many things on my old site will change - that is what growing is all about….I do know that I will be leaving behind a glorious and memorable past…but will never forget those who have made it so very special over the many years we have been together.

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