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white grubs in flower beds

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V icky Kruger28-Jun-00 05:05 PM EST   
Arzeena29-Jun-00 11:56 AM EST   
kelly29-Jun-00 12:05 PM EST   
Vicky29-Jun-00 02:53 PM EST   
Gail02-Jul-00 12:07 AM EST   
Vicky02-Jul-00 07:58 AM EST   
Debbie04-Jul-00 09:48 PM EST   
Jaime06-Jul-00 07:51 PM EST   

Subject: white grubs in flower beds
From: V icky Kruger
Date: 28-Jun-00 05:05 PM EST

I wrote in May in regards to white grubs and moles in my lawn and i got some good responses which i really appreciated. Since then i have planted 5 flower beds in the lawn and for the first time today after digging around in one of my gardens i found a single white baby grub. I dug in all the other beds but have not found anymore , although i'm sure there are more to be found. I'm wondering what's the best way to get rid of them without harming the flowers as i have put alot of money and time in to my gardens with perennials and annuals. Do they do much damage to flower roots or just grass. Any suggestions would be helpful. I know i can't apply anything to the lawn before the end of july. If i've already found one baby and i wait til then won't it be to late?

Subject: RE: white grubs in flower beds
From: Arzeena
Date: 29-Jun-00 11:56 AM EST

If you're only finding 1 grub, per square foot, it's not considered a problem. Once the number start getting closer to 8, then you need to apply nematodes or some method of control.

July is a good time to apply control since right now, there's really only adults around and most controls only work on the eggs or larvae. I know it's discouraging but you really should wait and then get the most bang for your buck.

Arzeena Terra Viva Organics

Subject: RE: white grubs in flower beds
From: kelly
Date: 29-Jun-00 12:05 PM EST

check out the NIC web page for more info on the nematodes. (i used them last year with much success). there is a link to the nic page on the i can garden home page. good luck

Subject: RE: white grubs in flower beds
From: Vicky
Date: 29-Jun-00 02:53 PM EST

Thanks for your responses i'll just try to be patient and keep checking for more. I felt a little better after talking to another fellow gardener that's been doing it for years and he has discovered some as well. I hope we both have success with our grub problems.

Subject: RE: white grubs in flower beds
From: Gail
Date: 02-Jul-00 12:07 AM EST

Hi Vicky, I used to have a problem with white grubs in my flower and veg. beds, too. I've been using 'milky spore disease' for the last two years which seems to have pretty much eliminated the grub problem. However, it took a long time for me to correctly identify the pests that were causing my problems, because they looked like Japanese beetle grubs, and I was assured by every expert in our area (B.C. Coast) that we didn't have Japanese beetles this far west. Come to find out that they're actually May/June beetle grubs, but the milky spore will work for either I understand. Works best when the weather is not too hot, and the ground in nice and moist. Spring or Fall, I was told. Good luck, and happy gardening !

Subject: RE: white grubs in flower beds
From: Vicky
Date: 02-Jul-00 07:58 AM EST

Thanks Gail, I'm still digging, and still haven't found anymore. But i'm definately gonna get some milky spore disease to have on hand.

Subject: RE: white grubs in flower beds
From: Debbie
Date: 04-Jul-00 09:48 PM EST

Hi Vicky, During the past three years we have converted more than half of the existing lawns into flower and vegetable beds. When we first dug the beds there were grubs everywhere when we removed the sod. We removed most by hand and then treated the lawn once two years ago. Although we occasionally still dig up the odd grub or two they have never done any damage to the plants or veg.,and we haven't had to apply any chemicals. Good luck. Deb.

Subject: RE: white grubs in flower beds
From: Jaime
Date: 06-Jul-00 07:51 PM EST

A horticulturalist gave me a sample of this stuff you sprinkle on your lawn or beds and it is suppose to kill all types of earth bugs. I am not sure the name of the product, but I was told that it is crushed oyster shells. Maybe some one near you has a similar product.

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