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Jason White

Jason is a digital marketer at heart who picked up hobby gardening in his spare time. He lives rurally with his family in Middle Tennessee and enjoys planting on his small acreage in his spare time. Jason has a large dahlia collection on his property, and enjoys sifting through tuber catalogs for new varieties to plant each season. He's the managing editor at All About Gardening, and has been featured in several other publications for his gardening knowledge, including,, and more.

29 Rare Flowers With Names and Pictures

Thinking of adding some rare flowers to your garden this season, but aren’t quite sure which to add? There are many different types of rare flowers to choose from, so it often comes down to appearances, soil types, blooming seasons, and climate for most gardeners. In this article, we look at some of the more rare flowers you can add to your garden this season.

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