Sissinghurst Castle Garden

The inner side of the front courtyard. Two climbing roses flank the walls. Can you imagine what it would have been like having an afternoon tea party on these lawns. Built in the late 1400’s.

Welcome to my garden…just kidding, wishful thinking. The climbing rose was planted in 1930. This was the first building that the Nicolsons made habitable. Harold's work rooms were on the ground floor with Vita’s bedroom on the first floor. This particular garden is small and the most colorful and personal . It is full of reds, oranges and yellows.

This was almost invisable when they moved here, covered in briars and other weeds - but just look at it now.

Vita wrote about 20 books here (the first floor window facing you). Here in this tiny little room were books, books and more books and pictures and the most unusual smell (history does smell right). She wrote articles on gardening that she contributed weekly for 16 years. Vita loved the isolation of this room and seldom invited anyone up to her sanctum.

This little grove of nut trees is said to be the only formal planting left from previous gardens. It was a beautiful place to visit, so peaceful and at the center you can see the Greek god, Dionysus forming a focal point.

I loved the look of this seat, so ancient, tucked in an enclave, waiting to be seen.

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