VisitScotland Expo
Flavours of Scotland
April 19th – 24th, 2016


April 19th, 2016

Arrived on the 19th and made my way to our hotel…The George, Edinburgh. Totally felt wonderful being here, close to shops and a great place to walk. The next street over is just for walking, no vehicles and lots of shops to wander in and enjoy. Next door to the hotel is the church of St Andrew’s and St George’s West built in 1784. St Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland and St George is the patron saint of England. I loved the bronze door handles depicting them. This area is a wonderful example of Georgian architecture and is also a World Heritage Site. After a bit of a walk around it was back to the hotel to prepare for our Welcome reception at Edinburgh Castle. The whole place ourselves and it was magical with food, piping, period costumes and of course the site itself is breathtaking. Perched high above the streets offering a fantastic view of the fields below covered in daffodils. I had not gone into St Margaret’s Chapel before so took the time to visit..built in 1130 by King David I and it is dedicated to his mother. It endured many sieges and was once used to store gunpowder…it was rediscovered in 1845 and restored in 1851 by Queen Victoria. The stain glass windows were installed in 1922. Walking around the castle is a bit surreal, it is in such perfect shape and having the actors in period costume just added to the evening for was grand. The dungeon was open and I popped down there to see what it held…lots of hammocks and wooded beds. What surprised me most was how well they were tended to considering. They had quite a lot of food to eat each day and even a physician on call.

As evening darkened, the pipers entertained and the ladies gave us a taste of highland dance…truly wonderful. Big torches lit as we left…and as you can see, our chariots and drivers await!

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