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Sandra Craig - Burlington ON

Hello there at i can garden,

I'd just like to say what a fantastic site you have here, kind of an internet "bible" for gardening. In response to your call for garden pictures for either your pix or showcase page I'm sending on some photo's of my "obsession".

I'm just a rookie at this, been gardening for only about 5 years, (before that I didn't know a thing about plants) but I think I've managed something pleasing to the eye. I'm primarily into perennials and am a bit of a collector, with ornamental grasses being my most recent addiction. It's getting harder to find a spot for that 8 foot Miscanthus I've had my on.

Like I say, 5 years ago this was just a big lawn, but once I started I couldn't stop, and with my parents permission (I live at home), I took over the landscaping duties after seeing a picture of a perennial border in a magazine. I've taken no courses or training, all my knowledge has come through reading books, and now finally I'm Online! and learning even more. That's Dad in his Supervisors chair, under the umbrella, shouting up orders as I slave over a hot rake and hoe.

The garden style is cottage like with 8 borders and beds laid out in a double horseshoe completely surrounding the lot. Light quality ranges from full sun to full shade. Also the whole thing is built on quite a steep grade, so we had to build retaining walls at the bottom to level things out a little and raise the bottom areas above the spring flooding that's a yearly event.

My finest moment was having the garden featured in our local Hamilton/Burlington paper, and opening our gate to the public last July, with over 350 people coming through. Although the garden looks mature the Sunburst Locust at the top of the lot gives away it's true age, as it was one of the first things planted before I got started. I also start hundreds of annuals in the basement under flourescents in the winter, but as I have little room now to poke them in I give most away to family.

Anyway, enjoy the photos and feel free to edit them anyway you'd like if you wish to include them in your pages. Also, my e-mail can be used as well. PS hope they don't take up to much space on your server.

Happy digging !!...
Sandra Craig
Burlington, Ontario

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