Garden Showcase

Debbie & Don - Edmonton, AB, Cold Zone 3

Besides family.....gardening and my four legged children are my passion. The garden is an escape from our high stress, demanding lives. We find it particularly rewarding when a total stranger will stop by and say how much pleasure they get out of passing by our house everyday.

Our backyard has 2 very large perennial beds, a rock garden with a waterfall and fountain, and a small cobblestone courtyard. Our vegetable garden is made up of two 5'x5' and two 5'x11' raised beds. Last year we added some chairs and an arbor and fence that we made out of willow.

Our front yard is full of brightly colour annuals. I usually make 20-30 hanging baskets and another dozen or so containers.

I have always dreamed of having my own greenhouse. Well, that wish came true and I now have a beautiful 9'x17' glass oasis that Don calls 'the barn'. We are hoping to be able to bring in gas and power so that I can use it from early spring until late fall.

Every year I say "that's it......the garden is now finished and next year we can just sit back, relax and enjoy it"..... and every year Don says "oh no not another flower bed.....where are you going to fit another one!!!"

Ah.....the joys of gardening.

Hanging Basket
Peony 1
Peony 2
Water Lily

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