As with a lot of the English countryside, all gardens suffered because of the 1987 hurricane and Nymans was no exception. Some say this was a mixed blessing because it allowed changes to be made - gardens were more open to the sunlight now and plantings could be made with this in mind.
486 trees were lost in this garden alone, thus allowing a new Rose Garden to be planted using cuttings from the old roses, a double perennial border was created, the Pinetum was replanted and the house was restored and opened. Fire had destroyed the home in 1947 and it took the Messel's daughter Anne Rosse and her husband years to get it back in shape. The only rooms open now are where the domestic staff lived.
It is remarkable that during the fire the Wisteria that you see survived. I also took a picture looking through one of the arches that leads to a court in the back and through there, a beautiful valley awaits.
There is a picture taken in the Wall garden with a fountain, this area is full of rare plants. The Arbour that you see is from the Rose Garden.
The Croquet Lawn and Pergola has a wooden structure on top and I stood at the top of this to take this picture with the Wisteria tree.

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