Northwest Flower & Garden Show

This exhibit was at the entrance to the show. The whole room smelled like lilies. It was wonderful.

Seemed to be everywhere. It is beginning to become a trend with gardens. What could be more relaxing than to sit and listen to water. A great stress reliever.

See how the placement of rock and wood and shrubs work together.

Is what I call this. I love the way it looks like it has always been there. Its called Times Images.

There were so many different gardens, each one outstanding. This one I find timeless in its design.

Here they have taken an old cabin, plants and accessories to give it a real at home feel. Its called Willow’s Pond.

I could not resist this-Can you read it? It says "Hug me like a rock" by Tracy Powell.

  • New Eden
  • Kids Garden
  • Plant a Row Grow a Row