Mazatlan 2003
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Tom and I out walking again…him standing by a private home that was gated –

quite the entrance wouldn’t you say? Faro Lighthouse in the distance on

top of that hill – about 450 feet up and I think we will make the trek next time we are there – I hear the view is spectacular. The picture of the cave is Ice Box Hill – where they would bring ice in ships from San Francisco and store it here in these caves along with the fish that were caught, the Lady Monument, the dolphins in the Continuity of Life monument. Pictures around the south beach area, around to lookout hill area and then some rocky areas that held wonder themselves…like the vulture eating another bird.

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The next picture is of a sun rise – thought I better get that as well…then another walk, this time in the opposite direction of Mazatlan, out to Pueblo Bonito, a new hotel. I was really taken with this place, it is brand new and looks so old in places…and look at the picture of Tom sitting under the mirror – quite the size. What I loved were the fans and the view. The palm that I am standing by is perfect, in size and in shape.
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Down along the marina now, Tom loves walking around the boats. I took pictures of trees and shrubs…
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More beach shots to wind up with and then a couple of shots of the Marina del Ray, our home away from home…until next time!
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