Mazatlan 2003
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The next five shots are those of a typical sunset – every night at about 5:35 this happens and ends about 5 minutes later. The next two are of a moon set. That was as low as I could get in before it disappeared.
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We were now back in old Mazatlan – we love wandering around and just looking at things….Tom spotted this stone fence – look at the pieces of glass on the top of it … trees in bloom, topiary, a beautiful little plaza called Plaza Machado where you gather for a cup of coffee – the coffee here in Mazatlan is great, and when you pair that with a bun right out of the oven, it doesn't get much better than that! This little plaza sits right in the middle of a wonderful area to explore. The museums, art galleries and the Angela Peralta Theatre are also in this area. This theatre suffered much decay and was totally restored to the style of the great Italian opera houses of the past century. We were on the stage and the sound was incredible. The picture of the pink façade is part of the theatre. They also have a complete picture gallery of the restoration and you would not have believed what it looked like before the restoration. The next picture is of a local gallery showing a incomplete work on the wall … with a little tiny water feature on the floor in front of it.
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The next four are of old mansions…in what is known as the historic center. There was a ficus tree on one of the streets that was huge…so big in fact that it totally covered the street and a big hole was cut through one side so the power lines could go through it…ficus love it here and a used quite often in topiary.
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The next group of pictures are of our timeshare – this will give you an idea of where we lived and hung our laptops – so to speak. Again, very comfortable and very quiet. This is not a place for parties, it is a place for rest and in the evenings it is wonderful to just hear the ocean.
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The next three pictures are very interesting. This happens every night. The birds are called Purplish-backed Jays, Chara de Beechy, endemic to Mexico and every single night they come by the hundreds (or thousands) and sit on the power lines just outside the Marina del Ray, our timeshare, just before sunset and just after sunset they are gone!
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I saw one morning a small fishermans boat out in the water, completely surrounded by birds – those pictures from our unit. Another is a shot of one of the local garden centers.
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