Mazatlan 2003
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We were ready for this holiday…last year was quite busy and I know Tom was very much looking forward to just vegging out and working on some stuff he never seems to have time to do at home.

We have one of six penthouse units and we were sure looking forward to just unpacking and putting those suitcases away for three whole weeks! Our timeshare is just outside Mazatlan. Nice and quiet and if you want to go into town you just jump on the bus and you are there in less that 10 minutes.

I am just going to chat about anything that catches my fancy as we run down the pictures, bearing in mind that this is not a tour recap, it is just a recap of our holiday that we wanted to share with you.

The first group of pictures are just taken as we walk down our sidewalk outside the hotel . Many of the hotels have planted shrubs that hang over the stone walls…a couple of the stone entrances lead up to private homes as well, so lots of wonderful plants to greet you when you walk. We took many walks, up and down the beach, in the city, along the outside pathway around the city…you will see some of those.

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The next group – up to the feet I think are self explanatory…we walked the beach as often as we could…and even took a picture of our footprints in the sand…along with Tom’s feet.
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The next three pictures of those of fountains and plants. The next one is of a couple eating a fish that the husband had caught that morning…they were from Lacombe, Alberta. We met them while having a late breakfast at one of the little eateries along the beach in Mazatlan. The next two pictures are just of around the eatery, the sailboat and the little shop. At that time 100 pesos equaled about 10.00 US, or about 5.00 CND for a t-shirt.
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