Walking along the path that Anne Boleyn used to walk on, her long dresses getting caught in the grass as her maids tried to untangle them. This was Hever Castle built in 1500. In 1903 Willam Waldorf Astor bought the castle and lavished millions of dollars on restoring it and filling it with treasures...this was truly one of my favourites...I loved the Pompeiian wall and the loggia and piazza were breathtaking. I took this picture on the other side of the lake and am glad I did! Also the picture of the old trough gardens.
The carving in the dining room and library are just incredible - just as was standing in Anne Boleyn's room with it's half domed ceiling and her Book of Hours - the same book she carried with her to her execution. There is also a tapestry there called Gothic Marriage woven in about 1522 and Anne is said to be one of the ladies in waiting. Of course as it is with all the homes - you cannot take pictures of the inside..you must buy the book to get a glimpse of what lies inside these magical places.

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