Groombridge Place Gardens

This ancient stream-fed moat surrounds the house. What was interesting about the moat is that it has a stone bottom.

The 17th Century gardens have suvived virtually unaltered to this day.

The home is still privatley lived in. The classical mansion, built in 1660 by Phillip Packer, is not open to the public.

White Garden
One of the many formal gardens.

Oriental Garden
Notice the stakes around the bottom of the tree!! The pesky peacocks eat anything.

You can just feel the age of the wall.

Eddie Hare, shown here with his Bald Eagle "Helga", runs the Bird of Prey Centre called the Raptor Centre at Groombridge and his cottage can be seen in the "Gardens" photo above. Eddie was kind enough to send us this photo after discovering his house in the background of one of Donna's pictures. He also helped us by letting us know we had originally spelled Groombridge incorrecty, Thanks Eddie!  Take a moment to visit Eddie's site and the "official" Groombridge site (built by Eddie as well).
Website: Raptor Centre
Website: Groombridge Place Gardens

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