Greek Islands
Athens, Greece
August 13th – 22nd, 2004



After Poros we motored back to Athens and an overnight stay on the boat. On the way into the marina again we had to be really careful of where we were going as the sailing competition was on. We did manage to capture a couple of pictures of it. We discovered a great recreation area right next to our marina and we got a chance to see a bunch of local revelers enjoying themselves by doing traditional Greek dances on the sea side quay.

We also checked our email at a local Internet café and then enjoyed a dinner at a small restaurant the guy in the Internet café told us about that was located in the alley. Good home cooked food, tasty and inexpensive.

At the airport we were having a latte and noticed two policeman sitting at the next table. What was interesting was they were part of the elite Greek SWAT team at the airport doing security. Alas, they would not let us take their picture….but we have it in our memory…just like this holiday.



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