Greek Islands
Athens, Greece
August 13th – 22nd, 2004



Next stop was Poros. Another pretty little sea-side town and another trek with the dingy. What was interesting about the dingy ride was that we had to cross the main passage where the ferries ran through at some pretty good speeds. We could have used the water taxi, but they wanted 5 Euro per person per way, so we braved the dingy. The town of Poros is a quaint little town with a ton of small water side restaurants and what they call fast food joints. Great food and cheap. Donna got a picture of one of the local delicacies – grilled octopus…. Not our cup of tea, but they were pretty busy so there must be something to it. Maybe on our next visit to Greece. On the other side of town there were lots of very large boats, both motor and sailing tied to the dock. Do you like my new Ferrari cap? Donna bought that in Poros. I now have the Ferrari pen and the Ferrari hat – maybe the car someday! We even manages to get stopped by the coast guard as you can see by the pictures…they were very nice though and after checking us out let us be on our way with an ‘enjoy the rest of your trip’! There is a hazy picture there, but you can make out the Queen Mary II docked beside another cruise ship…quite the difference in size.



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