Greek Islands
Athens, Greece
August 13th – 22nd, 2004



Day two we pulled anchor and headed to Hydra. I actually got to take my turn on the wheel of our sail boat. The Peggy Darling is a 47 foot Bavaria which apparently is one of the better crafts. These boats have two cabins up front with a bunk over top, so they sleep up to 3 each, the aft cabins sleep 2 each so another 4 plus the table converts to a double bed – if you add that up that’s supposed to be 12 adults. We had 10. The first night we had 2 sleeping on the back seats outside to get some fresh air.

Hydra has to be the most picture-perfect Greek sea-side town. The harbour is the center of life and the houses are perched in the hills overlooking the harbour. If you were asked to close your eyes and imagine a Greek sea-side town you would be envisioning Hydra. Hydra has no cars or motorbikes so they use donkeys, horses and hand carts to move every thing. Well almost everything. The garbage is hauled by 3 trucks, or at least we only saw three. Donna and I climbed to the top of the hill to a small lookout. It would have been not too bad had there been a path to the top, or at least a route to follow. We had to find the route by trial and error. There is no question it was worth the effort. The view was unbelievable. Donna got some great photos along the way. Near the harbour was a place to swim and snorkel. Back in town Donna got a picture of the massive chandelier hanging in the local cathedral. Of course I had to get Donna to get a picture of a local bakery.



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