Comments on the ICanGarden Chelsea 98 Tour

I loved seeing the countryside and I think Hilda was a great guide. I was just thrilled to bits to be part of it all. I even got inspired to do some gardening!
Thanks again.


We enjoyed the tour so very much. Each garden had something different to offer and it would be hard to decide which was the loveliest. (is that a word?) Chelsea was great and I think your idea to have all people on your next tour be members of the Royal Hort. So. is a good one.

I had a great time on the I Can Garden Chelsea Tour, from the beautiful gardens and manor homes we saw and the incredible floral displays at Chelsea, to all the wonderful people we met and the friends we made. It was everything I had hoped for and more!

I would recommend your tour to friends as I had a very good time. The coach driver, John, was a good, safe driver with a pleasant, friendly personality. As I said before, Hilda did a great job, not only with tour information, but was pleasant and friendly to the tour members. And Dennis, your travel agent did a great job, arranging to include us in the transfers from London to the Posthouse and to Gatwick.
Thanks for everything.


What did I like? I loved staying in the same hotel for the whole time. We have done the whirlwind tour where every day or two at most you are packing and moving on. It was wonderful to unpack on day 1 and not have to worry about it again until it was time to go home. I liked the idea of almost all meals and admissions being included -- again, not having to worry about how much extra cash you need to tote along is great. I'm not big on carrying a lot of money around.
Chelsea was, well Chelsea. The displays of flowers, the arrangements, the model gardens. I must admit I am glad to have the video so that I can see what I missed because of the numbers of people. The window box/hanging basket display was wonderful and of interest to me because Canada Blooms (the five day extravaganza put on by Gardens Clubs of Ontario and Landscape Ontario) has a window box class as well.


We all had a WONDERFUL time and the weather was with us for the whole trip. We all have more ideas than money but we did see some very special gardens and of course, the Chelsea Flower Show. Personally, I now want a small castle with courtyard gardens. Nothing too big of course;-)

Just thought I would check in as requested and let you know that Mom and I are alive and well, if a little jetlagged at present. Already looking to see if I can afford Chelsea 1999!
Talk to you later, Donna and thanks again for the garden tour of a life time.


Don and I thoroughly enjoyed the garden tour and Don enjoyed it more than I thought he would . The time went by much too quickly though.We were completely happy with the tour,didn't find ourselves rushed ,thought all the gardens were well worth the visit and thought Hilda was super.( a very lovely lady )Thank-you ever so much for such a well planned tour- would certainly recommend it and in fact would like to go again sometime.

I want to thank you for organizing the trip. It was the best vacation I have ever been on. Bruce isn't as gushy as I am, but I know he had a great time too.
The best thing about the tour was the fact that with no effort on our part we got to see a lot of places. The problem with us is we usually just wander around [which we enjoy] but in the end we feel a bit guilty for not seeing as much as we could have. This was the first tour we have been on and I can't think of anything that would have made it better. We had a great bunch of people, Hilda and John were great and the accomodations were very nice. Every garden we saw was different and interesting.

Marilyn and Bruce

Hilda and John were great, the bus very comfortable and the hotel very pleasant. I particularly liked the idea of staying in one place. In fact that was one of the things that attracted me to the tour.
Chelsea '98 was great. No rain, no hayfever, great gardens and nice companions.


Many Thanks to you for a great job on the organizing etc.
We so enjoyed meeting you and the other travellers, what a great group.
We did not feel rushed nor did we feel we saw to many gardens at one time. It seemed pretty well perfect in that respect.

Loralee and Stewart

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