"Someone visiting London around Sloane Square for the first time during the fourth week of May would be amazed to see the continous streams of smiling yet determined people all heading towards the Royal Hospital. Out of curiosity she would be bound to follow them to discover what was this great attraction drawing them all. And arriving at the Chelsea Flower Show for the first time (for miraculously she had found a ticket on the ground) she must be overwhelmed by the magnificence of the gardens and the Marguee with its breathtaking floral display and the huge variety of the other shops and stalls. And then she would think "only six weeks ago I was here and it was just a charming park; this must be a miracle for here we have the Greatest Flower Show on earth"
Sir Simon Hornby, President
The Royal Horticultural Society

And so it was...the greatest display of floral exhibits under one roof, the most beautiful gardens that looked as though they had always been there, the newest introductions, wonderful uses of colour and accessories and on and on...
So is Chelsea...a must see for every gardener at least once! This was my second trip to Chelsea and some things were the same - like the display of Delphiniums and Begonias by Blackmore & Langdon, but it was good to see them again, because this display is awesome - but then come to think of it they all are because of the size of them and the way they are arranged. I have never seen vegetables arranged with such an artistic eye as the display from Medwyn's or the varieties of roses to be seen at the David Austin Roses booth...mind boggling!!

I can't possibly go through everything that I saw, because it would take a long time...you just have to see it for yourself. The gardens this year featured quite a few water features along with some to die for accessories. I loved the idea of doing gardens for disabled people with an environment full of sensory pleasures and catering to the needs of wheelchairs.

There were also gardens that were designed to be a part of the home.. using the space as an extension of the living area. There were art noveau gardens, herb gardens, natural gardens, organic gardens, family gardens, a bird and butterfly garden, a garden geared to the newest technology available, a water meadow garden and of course the garden based on Prince Charles garden at Highgrove.

It was busy!! but it was worth it...I hope you enjoy some of the pictures that I have up here on Chelsea...maybe even enough to join us on our next tour - May 19th - May 27th, 1999!

There were other gardens that we saw on this tour...nine in total..that personally filled me with such peace. To think that some of these gardens had been there for hundreds and hundreds of years, the stories they could tell! And I must also tell you that I took many, many pictures and have chosen these to put up...hope you enjoy your armchair tour...

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