Chelsea Flower Show 1996

Chelsea was an experience I will not soon forget. Everything was huge, the tent that held all the inside exhibitors, the paths to follow for the outside exhibitors, the amount of people there. We were told that the last day of the show had the least amount of visitors. Wow, what was it like during the rest of the week!!

Pictures of other gardens visited:

     Leeds Castle


Wonder what they are chatting about...

Oh, the varieties that were there - and this was only one of the many exhibitors that were showing roses.

You have to whisper when you visit this exhibit, it is so peaceful, you wish you could find someplace to sit to get away from the 60,000 or so people that were there that day.

Leading to? Perhaps a quiet bench or hidden pond.

Another exhibit of perennials and shrubs.

Yes, that is a real XJ220 covered in silver sedums. (Some people will do anything to advertise) Actually this was an exhibit from the Birmingham City Council celebrating the centenary of the British motor industry.


There were all kinds of floral displays to tempt you (and also make you wonder where you would put them if you got one).

Can you believe I ate fish and chips only once and it was here!! Can you guess where I am?

  • New Eden
  • Kids Garden
  • Plant a Row Grow a Row