Amazing Thailand Gardens & Cambodia’s Angkor Wat
(Including Chiang Mai Flower Festival)
January 28th – February 9th, 2011

2 Feb 2011

After breakfast we are picked up from our hotel via tuk tuk for a tour to explore the temples of the Small Circuit. The most famous among these is Ta Prohm temple, built in the mid 12th to early 13th centuries. Ta Prohm is unique in that it has been left largely as it was found: overgrown by jungle trees and vines with many parts of the temple crumbling to the ground. This makes Ta Prohm one of the most picturesque and memorable of the Angkor temples. It was an extremely moving moment to be here.

Then to the City of Angkor Thom, which houses some of Angkor’s most famous monuments. We arrived via the South Gate, an impressive stone gate carved with elephants and 4 giant sandstone faces. Each side has a row of 54 gods or demons holding the sacred Naga snake. From here you enter the city and arrive at the Bayon Temple which lies exactly in the center of the city. The monument is famous for the 54 towers representing the 54 provinces of the then Great Khmer Empire. Each tower has 4 faces. Continue on foot to the Baphuon, the Terrace of the Elephants and the Terrace of the Leper King.

We ended the day at one of the Seven New Wonders of the World, the magnificent Angkor Wat Temple, built by Suryavarman II in early 12th century. Inside the temple the walls are covered by carvings and bas-reliefs depicting Hindu mythology and the wars Suryavarman II made during his reign. Angkor Wat is also well known for the 2000 Aspara dancers decorating the temple.

What has surprised us all is the fact that there is really no security at all. When we first arrived we all had to get a pass that showed our pictures on the pass, that was all. As you moved around these temples the pass was your authority to be here.

This was with out doubt an incredible day. To see what we did will take a bit of time to sink in as there was so much. Everyone was tired yet thrilled to have seen everything and would not have missed a bit of it. This day was something that you would only read about…until…you are here to see it for yourself.

Dinner was at Viroth local restaurant.


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