Amazing Thailand Gardens & Cambodia’s Angkor Wat
(Including Chiang Mai Flower Festival)
January 28th – February 9th, 2011

30 Jan 2011

After an early breakfast we departed by coach to the countryside to visit a floating market. First we stop at an amazing country market along the railway tracks then we visit Tha Kha, one of the many floating markets in the area. We take a fascinating paddleboat journey through the klongs and stop to enjoy a glass of coconut water. We take a boat ride through the maze of canals stopping along the way to visit Buddhist temples before arriving at Rama II Park with its Thai style Pavilion Museum.

I took a lot of video of the train coming towards us as we were in the market…as soon as you hear the train whistle everyone quickly got off the tracks and all the market stalls pulled their awnings back and the train went by. If you look at the first picture you can clearly see the train tracks that we are walking on…it was exciting! Those tables laden with fruit and veggies just clear the train as it passes through. What a vibrant and busy market and of course having us tourists come through just makes it that much more crowded.

Then we visited the floating market and again, fresh and vibrant….and busy….and yes we tried some of the food.

Continuing our boat journey through the klongs was a really nice experience. It was quiet and peaceful with the opportunity to see how people lived.


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