Amazing Thailand Gardens & Cambodia’s Angkor Wat
(Including Chiang Mai Flower Festival)
January 28th – February 9th, 2011

9 Feb 2011

Our morning was free so after breakfast most of us wanted to take a tour with the owner of this beautiful resort. She was a lovely lady and had given her life to this place. The first resort burned to the ground. She prayed about this resort and if she should be here and she was told yes she should. She had a home in Bangkok which she sold so she would be able to rebuild. They had moved the family home here and it was up in the hills overlooking the resort. All handmade by her father. These buildings are remarkable in that they are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. They are all numbered and you move them and put them back and there you have your home.

The raised beds and rose garden are in another part of the resort, as well as some very special bungalows that you can rent that give you complete privacy and a view to the heavens…quite stunning. She is growing the resort too…a huge yoga group comes here quite often to just get away from the rest of the world. I can see why they have chosen this place. She also shuts down the resort to guests and opens it up to those who want to come for peace, solitude – and no speaking.

This was quite the journey of discovery for us. So many incredible memories and what I surmise is that everything great has started with just a single thought….hope to see you on our next journey of discovery to Thailand - The Land of Smiles and Cambodia - the Land of Courage.


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