Singapore…A City in a Garden!
Trip Recap August 27th - September 3rd, 2013

August 27, 2013
Been waiting for this to happen for quite a while now, this trip that is, as I have such high expectations for Singapore and what I will find there by way of gardens for upcoming tours. Got to my airport in Panama, through security and after putting my sandals back on felt something odd about my left foot. Sure enough the sole was just about off, the glue that held it together was nothing but fine dust. Now these were not that old and I sure had thought Columbia sandals would have lasted. Anyway, ran around the airport and finally found, you guessed it, Crocs. Bought a pair that should see me through there and everywhere else for that matter. Was bumped up to BC so that was nice, especially with a 6+ hour flight to LA. Arrived in LA around 11:30 pm and by the time I got to the Hilton Airport Hotel it was time to fall into bed for a few hours sleep.

I had not stayed at this hotel before and I must say I was very impressed, but then that should not be a surprise, as I am a Hilton fan. This hotel is literally five minutes from the airport. The free shuttle that the hotel offers dropped me off and soon I was looking at a most beautiful lobby. The hotels are airports are really getting more posh now… Check in was lovely and soon I was in my room. If you open the curtains you will see outside to one of four gardens they have at this hotel. Each one is different and broken into four areas which means that all the rooms have a few to one of these…one of the four is where the pool is. There is also a very professional looking fitness area. My room was a king room with the super comfy bed that I so enjoy. A big room with lots of room held a golden yellow leather chair and hassock, a large desk, plenty of drawer space and what I thought was really cool was the safe. I had never seen one like this before – it was in one of the drawers just under the television. It was big enough to hold laptops. Closet had iron and ironing board, and there was coffee. What more do you need. The bathroom had a great mirror and plenty of light – in fact there was plenty of light in the whole room…great for reading, working and watching television. Lovely soft colours and the wall paper was beige brown with a beautiful embossed pattern. Everything was clean and tidy and welcoming.

The next morning I went to the lounge to grab a continental breakfast before heading back to the airport for my flights to Tokyo and onward to Singapore. Terminal 6 is for Premier with United and that is a great terminal to go out of. Much more civilized because it is mostly First and Business Class. Security was a breeze and once through it was to the lounge to wait for my flight departing from a gate just across the hall from the lounge.

Wheels up at 11:20 a.m. August 28th Tokyo bound with a 11+ hour flight then a 3 hour layover and further 7+ hour flight to Singapore where I will arrive at 12:05 a.m. August 30th.
I was on the Dreamliner from LA to Tokyo and got to visit the cockpit and chat with the pilots, even got to sit in ‘the’ seat. As you can see by the photos this was a great group of guys and so darn friendly. Lots of space up there too! The plane was beautiful and with the different levels of lighting and big windows that change colour instead of having those blinds, it made for a very relaxed flight…and the food was good too!
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