February 2005

The last group of pictures is from the Annual House Tour put together by Pro-Mexico to raise funds for programs in health and education for a small community on the outskirts of Maz. This year we visited 6 different houses.

Each one very different. Our favourite was number two (starting with the fountain and ending with the yellow and white wall. I wanted to show you that wall because there are a lot of these walls in front of homes in Maz.

You never know what is behind them and can only assume that if the wall is in good shape then whatever is behind it is as well. We loved the interior.

They had been living there for a very short time and are just about finished with the interior which was set off so perfectly with the water feature in the kitchen area and the waterfall in the dining room. The house was 37 years old and completely remodeled. The dining room table was in the original home.

A fellow who was a past member of the American Society of Interior Design and has done many restorations over the years owned the first house. He had some quite remarkable pieces including one of the earlier works of Bustamante (horse). The third was once a family home and then a rooming house built in 1880 and completely transformed to what you see ... very colorful and bright. Number four has a wonderful history in that the owners are retired now and after raising 9 children they have many memories in this retirement home of theirs. The picture is of their family three with one of the children standing beside it. There are now 24 grandchildren. A beautiful 100 year old coverlet is on the bed.

Number five was just too much! This is a vacation home if you can believe it. It was monstrous but did had the best shower stall I had ever seen ... you could fit ten people in it! The last one was owned by a couple who like to golf so it is on a golf course. I was smitten by the vase. I left the rather dark picture of the dining room in because I wanted to show you just how big the rose arrangement was on it.

Now it is time to pack up and head home ... until next year!




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