Ecuador’s Flowering Plants—Blooming Beauty Beyond Belief
February 2-9th, 2008

February 7, Day 06: Guayaquiil - Tropical Flower Plantation
After breakfast we left Guayaquil and drove about 30 minutes outside the city to the Tropical Flower Plantation, Magic Flowers. Here the owners welcomed us and introduced us to this plantation.

As this is a huge plantation, extensive walking is necessary and because it was in the rainy season we all wore rubber boots that we had brought at the market the day before. I should say that on the whole trip we had not had any rain! The cut flowers are transported in a special railway, because the distances are very long. The contrast between this plantation and the other two that we had visited could not be more evident as this plantation has 120 acres in production. Magic Flowers has spread these unique Rainforest blossoms and blooms worldwide. Founded by Esteban Saenz in 1997. In 2006 Magic Flowers obtained 2 international certifications, Globalgap and Rainforest Allliance (sustainable agriculture)

We also enjoyed a ride in a wagon to some of the other areas of the plantation where we got to really see how large this place was. We got to taste bananas and fresh cacao beans and just enjoy this time. We decided to leave our boots here for the workers…but did take a couple of photos of them.

We are then treated before dinner to a cruise on the Guayas River before dinner.







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