Ecuador’s Flowering Plants—Blooming Beauty Beyond Belief
February 2-9th, 2008

February 5, Day 4: Quito - Cuenca - Orchid Plantation
We transferred to the Airport and flew to Cuenca. Once we arrived we had breakfast then set off to visit the largest Orchid producer in South America, Orchid Center Ecuagenera. Before our visit the plantation owner, Mr. Jose Portilla, gave us the opportunity of learning a bit about orchids by watching a short video.

During the walk through the plantation we were amazed at the variety and sizes of orchid flowers – from the smallest to the largest orchids - some so tiny and fragile you have to observe them with a loupe. You can see a small yellow orchid being held – that is a Dracula orchid and if you look closely you can see the little monkey face. There are more there…You wonder why orchids might cost a lot? Each crossing takes about 5 years and to see the flower add another 3 years to that. He even let us into an area that had his very special orchids..what a treat that was! We were all in orchid overdrive here…Ecuagenera was launced 50 years ago with the arrival of Father Angel Andreetta. As a result of his work, 1968, it was possible for Ecuador to participate for the first time in a world exposition of orchids in Columbia. Wanting his work to continue, Andreetta found help from a young man who demonstrated a real love for nature, Mario Portilla, who would become his main ally for many years.

I also thought it was great that they have school for children. They have 150 students taking courses in computers, accounting and tourism.

We enjoyed a lovely lunch here too and the entertainment was the parrots just down the hill who all felt more comfortable hanging upside down. In the afternoon we returned to Cuenca.







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