Royal Caribbean Grandeur of the Seas Cruise
Columbia, Bonaire, Curacao and Aruba
March 10th – 17th, 2013

March 10th

Panama City to Colon Port, Republic of Panama

Oh no, not the same cruise again! Does this sound boring to you? Taking the same cruise year after year doesn’t have to be nor should you ever think that you have seen or done it all the first time – it’s all a matter of choice!

This is the sixth time we have left our home in Panama City, which faces the Pacific Ocean, driven the few short miles across the country of Panama, and boarded our ship on the Atlantic Ocean or the Caribbean side as we like to call it. Much prettier a name as this side of the country is so lush, green and with roads that wind right alongside the beautiful blue waters, it is indeed soothing for the soul. Not many places that you can leave your home and be in your suite on the ship in about two hours.

That is just one of the reasons we take the same cruise.

Another reason is variety – each time we do this cruise we set out to see some a bit different. Not every day – but with the choices offered by cruises in general, you have only yourself to blame if you come away not enjoying one.

We arrived at the Colon Port at 1 p.m. After about 10 minutes of getting checked in, we headed to our suite on the recently renovated Royal Caribbean Grandeur of the Seas. We had been looking forward to seeing what the renovations would be like so soon after dumping our luggage set out for some lunch and a walk around. The Windjammer Marketplace, the main place to eat high on Deck 9 was as we remembered and the food equally tasty with a gorgeous view of the surrounding land and sea.

Afterwards we walked around to see the three new restaurants added that we had reservations for during the cruise. We also checked out the new Concierge Lounge on Deck 11 that we could use and a few other spots. Noticed that the pool deck has new flooring and the relaxing Solarium pool area has new seating plus a new food area called the Park Café. I thought this really a great idea as you can get healthy small choices here like pita wraps, focaccia filled with goodies and salads and soups.

One of the best things with the renovation is the fact that wifi was now in every room. It was always a bit of a pain to have to tromp to the internet center to download email, but not any more. The other best thing to happen is that we got upgraded from the Grand Suite that we had to one of the Owners Suites. It can sure spoil you for the other rooms, but we found that even the Junior Suite that we had on the last cruise was great with a lovely balcony to sit out on..and yes you can even sit out on your balcony when the ship is moving. The Audubon Suite is one of twelve Owners Suites – each one has a name and a door bell! Inside there is plenty of space to hang your clothes and too many drawers! Two television sets with equipment for dvd’s – they even have some to borrow if you forgot to bring some. A queen size bedroom, living area and dining area plus a lovely large balcony. The bathroom is really too nice with a separate shower and Jacuzzi tub and double sinks. Almost too nice to want to leave.

So, first evening with dinner over it would be an early night. We would be arriving into Cartagena after a rather rocky night at sea. It is always rocky because we have lots of miles to cover and the Captain boots it…we don’t have any issues with sea sickness but some do and you see a lot of ear patches on people this evening.




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