Royal Caribbean Cruise
February 26th - Mar 10th, 2011

March 8th, arrived to Curacao for 8 a.m. and would be here until 8:30 p.m. This was perfect as there are so many things to do here. We arrived in the rain but it disappeared. There was also another ship coming in the same time as us and they docked by the floating bridge. We docked at the new pier that takes you by a garden designed a few years ago. Nice to see it take shape each year. We visited Fort Rif and then walked along the waterside to the floating bridge, the only one of its kind in the world and to the other side of Curacao to do some exploring of the water market then headed back towards the fort on this side, Fort Amsterdam. There are a couple of buildings here you can visit but most has been taken over by the government. They have changed a few things but it still is very nice to see. This used to be a prison and close by is a building that used to be a Jewish Synagogue but is now home to the Crown Prosecutor. The outside is exactly the way it was and the architecture is simply beautiful. There are many dining places now on the water side of the Fort, perfect spots to sit and eat while watching the ocean waves come crashing against the rocks.
It is now nightfall and the buildings in town are lit by outside lights now in shades of green and blue. These pretty pastel buildings were painted colours after it was discovered that the while they were originally was just too hard on the eyes….a wise move…as this is truly a picture postcard place to visit.

What they have done around our port is wonderful too with many little kiosks and music playing to entice the shoppers in to buy last minute bottles of their special liquor or that tshirt you forgot to get…local artists have also painted huge murals with various scenes depicting the sea or flowers or cute houses decorated with flowers. Very pretty and very welcoming.

Tonight we set sail to our last port before Colon, Aruba…shoppers paradise and more wonderful tropical themed architecture and plant material.


  • New Eden
  • Kids Garden
  • Plant a Row Grow a Row