Royal Caribbean Cruise
February 26th - Mar 10th, 2011

March 2nd was our last stop. Roatan, Honduras here from 10 am to 3 pm Not a long stop again, but time enough to take in some water sports or just dabble in a bit of shopping.

Roatan is home to the world’s second largest coral reef. Did you know that? Teeming with marine life and today Tom would go and take in a water sport that would take him to the other side of the island from where the ship was docked, put on snorkel /diving gear so he could see some of it. His airline was attached so that he did not have to carry it on him so that freed him up to swim and dive down to about 20 feet. He really enjoyed the experience.

Roatan has a long and tangled history of Paya Indians, Spanish conquistadors, British pirates, rebel slaves and more recently, European and North American expats.

Tonight we sail right through until we reach Colon the early morning of the 4th so March 3rd is a full day at sea. We sit for the day as the ships gets prepared for the next cruise and we look forward to it!


  • New Eden
  • Kids Garden
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