Royal Caribbean Cruise
February 26th - Mar 10th, 2011

February 29th we arrived into Montego Bay at 8 a.m. and would leave at 4:30. We had not visited Montego Bay before and enjoyed the visit. Locals call Jamaica’s premier vacation spot ‘Mo Bay’ but its real name comes from another nickname. Long ago, when the Spaniards first settled Montego Bay, they used it to export huge quantities of lard. Before long, the bay was dubbed ‘Bahia de Manteca’ or Bay of Lard. The name stuck…modified just a tad. After the Spaniards were expelled, sugar plantations started popping up all over.

Nowadays, this lush chunk of mountainous land cultivates tourism more than anything else. Bob Marley, Red Stripe Beer, Margaritaville. We ended up taking a bus out to an area called Rose Hall then coming back to a shopping area called the Hip Strip. Rose Hall is an old plantation with quite the history…the owner, Annee Palmer, apparently killed her three husbands and on the grounds you can see the three palm trees that were planted in their memory. The tale goes that after she killed them, she had a few of her 7000 slaves take the bodies and bury them, then the slaves that did this work were then killed so there would be no one able to confirm it. She ruled her plantation and her 7000 slaves and died at the age of 29.
At Cinnamon Hill Golf Course, you can not only golf but see the waterfall where the famous ‘Live and let Die’ movie was done with James Bond. It adjoins the Cinnamon Hill Great House, family home of Johnny and June Cash for over 35 years.

The Hip Strip is a busy place with lots of shopping with many stores selling the same items…there is better shopping at the mall where Rose Hall is located.


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