Royal Caribbean Cruise
February 26th - Mar 10th, 2011

We love Cartagena, an old city within a protecting wall. Quaint cobblestone streets, pastel plazas with lots of shopping and balconies brimming with bougainvillea in all colours make Cartagena de Indias one of Latin America’s most photogenic cities. Founded in 1533, the port’s history is just as colourful. Gold and emeralds flowed through the wealthy port and onto the galleons bound for Spain. This attracted all kinds of trouble and after one too many pirates had ravaged the port the Spanish decided to build a massive wall around the city, and a chain of forts to guard the harbor. San Felipe de Barajas, the fortress of all fortresses, kept even the daunting fleet of England at bay. A few centuries later, another movement was initiated to protect Cartagena only this time it was the city’s past that needed guarding.

With a restoration project underway, and an influx of immigrants, Cartagena was revived once again. Today this lively city beckons you to visit the beautiful beaches and sights. The walled city, La Ciudad Amurallada , is the best place to be to see the colonial architecture.

Of course you must end your visit with a stop at the big market and don’t forget to try one of arepas, a delicious and very filling corn meal patty filled with cheese and fried…this is a local lunch!

The easiest way to get into the city from the port is just to take a cab. Most of the drivers speak English and will even wait for you as you visit the Fort, the old city and finish up at the market. Most agree that the best place to meet your driver will be at the Clock Tower.

The 28th we were at sea the whole day, and again it was very rough sailing. It was said that it was because of a storm in the area. Thank goodness we don’t have any problems but there were a lot of people suffering from sea sickness.


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