China Peony Festival Tour April 2009

This is still our last day and a continuation of the day before….here you can see that when I promised them shopping time, they took advantage of it…and did they all come back with happy faces? They did indeed.

There was just so much to see in this area, we could have used more time I know, but we add had to get back at a reasonable hour to try and repack for the trip home.

As you can see by the suitcases, they were stuffed with all kinds of goodies, gifts and memories of a most wonderful experience.

I gave each one of them a small reminder of their trip and they promptly put it on their ears to look like an earring, so of course I could not leave that without taking a photo.

A wonderful tour….full of memories.



  • New Eden
  • Kids Garden
  • Plant a Row Grow a Row