CITM 2007 Hosted Buyers Trip to China
Hosted by China National Tourist Office, Toronto, Canada
Air by China Eastern Airlines
October 29th, to November 7th, 2007

November 6th
Situated in the northwest plateau in Yunnan, Lijiang (the Beautiful River) got its name from its position at the middle reaches of the beautiful Jinsha River. The population is made up of the Naxi, Bai, Lisu, Pumi, Yi, Tibetan, Miao, Hui, Han and other ethnic groups but the Naxi people constitute over half of the total. Affected by the plateau wind from South Asia, Lijiang has two distinctive seasons, the dry and the wet. The Dongba religion, a primitive religion, is the common belief of the Naxi people. In addition, some of them believe in Lamaism. These two religions have greatly influenced the ideology of the Naxi people and their social activities and life.

After breakfast, I took some pictures of the area surrounding the hotel before we left for our cruise down the Li River. Special attractions along the river are the Elephant Trunk Hill, Tunnel Hill, Pagoda Hill, Crown Hill, Yellow Cloth Hill, Nine-Horse Mural Hill, Embroidery Hill, and Green Lotus Peak.

This was a wonderful cruise…simply watching the hills materialize before your eyes was amazing. The river makes one feel as if traveling in front of a huge traditional Chinese landscape painting. The Lijiang River cruise is a must for every tourist in Guilin.

Our meal was great and you could just sit and drink tea the whole cruise if you wanted to…but there was much to see and photograph. People on their little boats, oxen by the waters edge. Then we pulled into Yangshuo to a street lined with stalls where we could pick up our last minute gifts and trinkets to take home with us. Yangshuo, the end of the Li River cruise, is a small but peaceful town with stunning country scenery. The town's West Street, lined with western cafes, restaurants and hotels has welcomed countless foreigners from all over the world and is known as "the Earth Village in China".

As you can see, we had another wonderful dinner that ended with these bite size oranges…I hear they are not exported out of the country. Sweet and juicy, you could even eat the skins of them.

and so it was over…it went too fast, as it usually does in China. Until next time….thank you for the memories!

Special Thank You to:

Barbara Huang of CNTO – for the unforgettable memories!
China Eastern Airlines – for the excellent service.
Guangxi Tourism – for hosting us and for our welcome and luncheon
Liuzhou Municipality – for hosting us and for our dinner and show
Guilin Municipality – for hosting us and for our dinner
China International Travel Service
To all of the hotels that we stayed at – all excellent accommodations!
Also thank you for our great pink buses! They sure made us stand out in the crowds!!

If I have missed anyone, I am sorry, it was not my intent.

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