CITM 2007 Hosted Buyers Trip to China
Hosted by China National Tourist Office, Toronto, Canada
Air by China Eastern Airlines
October 29th, to November 7th, 2007

After this we travelled to Guilin, "I often sent pictures of the hills of Guilin which I painted to friends back home, but few believed what they saw." The writer is Song-Dynasty scholar Fan Chengda, and his comments show that the scenery of Guilin has been attracting and astonishing visitors for many centuries. It has also been the inspiration for classical Chinese landscapes of fantastically shaped peaks, studded with pines and small pavilions that are partly shrouded in mist.

We enjoyed dinner and an evening cruise around the city. It was magical and what an incredible way to end the evening.

Accommodation: Guilin Fortune Condominium Hotel


  • New Eden
  • Kids Garden
  • Plant a Row Grow a Row