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Lithodora 'Star' 

  • A plant belonging to the Boranginaceae family of plants. Native to France, Spain and Portugal. Recognized by it's sprawling habit to about three feet, linear leaves and blue flowers from April to June. In the garden the cultivars, Heavenly Blue and Grace Ward are most recognized for their use as rock garden plants or grouped to form an attractive ground cover. Generally lithodora prefers a well drained acid soil and is rated as a plant hardy to 
    -20 degrees Celsius , zone 6.

    Lithodora diffusa 'Star' - U.S. Plant Patent # 10,096

    Found in 1996 by Miss Elizabeth Strangman and Mr. Graham Gough of Marchants Hardy Plants of East Sussex, England. While mowing the lawn around her magnificent garden, Miss Strangman recognized a single shoot on her Lithdora 'Heavely Blue' with a brilliant white edge to each flower petal. A 'Star' was born. Lithdora 'Star' has the same attributes as Heavenly Blue with a new twist, being that all the flowers are blue with the brilliant white edge resembling the look of a Star. Best used in terra cotta containers, on walls, in rock gardens or displayed in groups as a ground cover. A beautiful and unique addition to any garden.

    Note: Pride of Place Plants Inc., is currently looking for further participation in the growing marketing and distribution of this cultivar. If your firm is interested please contact Rick Sorenson at his e mail address


Lithodora diffusa ‘Star’pp #10096
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