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Clematis serratifolia 'kugotia'
pat p.p. 10952 "Golden Tiara"®

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Clematis serratifolia ‘Kugotia’ pat p.p 10952 "Golden Tiara"®
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    The British Clematis Society operates a Trial Ground in the Royal National Rose Society’s “Gardens of the Rose” at St. Albans, England. The Trials are over a period of three years and at the end of that time awards are made to any outstanding cultivars. The eight groups of Judges visit every week during the growing season and return with their reports.

    This year one cultivar was outstanding ‘Kugotia’ or “Golden Tiara”® as it is known in Europe. It was entered in 1996 by H.J.M. Kuijf of Uithoorn, The Netherlands.

    It is with the greatest of pleasure that I can announce that “Golden Tiara”™ has been awarded the British Clematis Society’s “Certificate of Merit” and the “Valarasan-Toomey” award, in the form of a medallion, for the best new clematis variety for the year of 1999.

    The plants are judged using criteria determined by the Society’s Plant Judging Committee. These are:

    1. Vigor, health and habit of growth
    2. Beauty of form and of bloom
    3. Abundance of flowering
    4. General effect (color and impact)
    5. Novelty
    6. Length of flowering period


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