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Campsis x tagliabuana
Pat p.p. 13189
"Indian Summer

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Campsis "Indian Summer"
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  • Breeder HJM Kuijf & Zonen, Uithoorn, The Netherlands


  • Origin selection from seedlings cross, Campsis tagliabuana x Campsis radicans
  • Habit climbing plant up to about 4m high at maturity
  • Foliage pinnate, (11-) 13 (-15) pinnula, 25-40 cm long, dark matte green,Underside light green; pinnula 7-10 cm long, 3.5-4.5 cm wide, tapered,Coarsely serrated, lower pinnula have stems.
  • Flowers clustered in large, often pendent, racemes, trumpet shaped, 8 cm long,
    pentalobate, lobes nearly round, crown 5-6 cm in cross-section, orange-red ( RHS color chart 31B, later 35A ); pistil and stamens pale yellow, calyx c.5-3 cm long, five sepals, gently tapered, green yellow to yellow.

    Flowering Season

    July to October
    Won the Gold Medal for the Best New Plant Introduction at the Plantarium 1998 Exhibition held in Boskoop,The Netherlands.
    Won the Prix D'Honneur for the Best New Plant Introduction at the
    Jarditec 1999 Exhibition held in Paris, France.

    "Indian Summer" is a very attractive abundantly flowering addition to the range. When grown in a pot in a greenhouse, the flowers are more of an orange color (RHS CC 29) with orange red throats and red stripes running lengthways. Also, as a flowering plant, 'Indian Summer' does not grow as tall as other cultivars, making it an attractive pot plant for the consumer. Grown against a wall, this trumpeted climber will start flowering quite well within a few years. It is sufficiently hardy to survive a normal winter. U.S.D.A. zone 4 to 10

    "Indian Summer" is the trademarked name for Campsis x tagliabuana 'Kudian' P.PA.F. Propagation is prohibited, except by licensed growers in the U.S.A. and Canada.

    Won the Gold Medal for the Best New Plant Introduction at the Plantarium 1998 Exhibition held at Boskoop, The Netherlands

    The U.S. Patent Office has now assigned Campsis x tagliabuana' Kudian ' the Patent Number 13139. The Patented product,or the packaging or labeling for the product,when the product itself cannot be marked,must be marked with the patent number. A marking such as " U.S. Patent No. PP13139 " or " Pat. PP13139 " is deemed as an adequate notice. Thank-You for your continued interest in Campsis x tagliabuana ' Kudian ' " Indian Summer ". Indications are suggesting this cultivar  has become a " Must Have" for Landscapers and Garden Centers.


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