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Agapanthus orientalis "Baby Pete" uspp#21705 

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The most compact Agapanthus on the market!

“Baby Pete”™ has very showy flowers of blue to mauve shades on very short petioles. Showing a bluish stripe. The abundance of flower heads stand on extremely short stems of only 350mm (9 inches) compared to 600 mm (24 inches) of similar varieties. One of the big advantages of “Baby Pete”™ is that it does not set viable seed, making it flower longer than other selections. The foliage is shorter, wider and darker green than other such dwarf varieties. The foliage reaches a ultimate height of only 200mm compared to 300 mm of comparative varieties. (8 inches vs 12 inches)

Breeder Frank Benson of Pallara, Queensland, Australia
Color : blue to mauve shades. Height: 350mm (9 inches)
Color: Mauve
Blooming Season: Spring
Mature Height: .25m (9 inches)
Zone: 6


Agapanthus orientalis "Baby Pete"

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