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Lavendula stoechas 'Fairy Wings'

Lavandula pedunculata 'Dedication'p.p.a.f. "Pukehou"™

Cornus alba "Cream Cracker" ™

Gaura lindheimeri "Passionate Pink" ™

Hydrangea macrophyllla "Hanabi"™

Gaura linheimeri
"Blushing Butterflies"™

Gaura linheimeri
"Sunny Butterflies"™

Gaura lindheimeri "Crimson Butterflies"™

Clematis 'Kivso'p.p.a.f. "Piilu" ™

Clematis 'Konigskind' P.P.A.F. "Climador™"

Lonicera 'Novso'p.p.a.f. "Honey Baby" ™

Symphoricarpos Doorenbosii 'Arisp'p.p.a.f. 'Marleen'

Clematis serratifolia 'Kugotia'" P.P.A.F.
"Goldern Tiara"™

Campsis "Indian Summer"™

Clematis 'Vanso'p.p.a.f. "Blue Light"™

Clematis 'Engelina'p.p.a.f. "My Angel"™

International Clematis Society


As a result of a cooperative effort between Pride of Place Plants Inc., Sidney, British Columbia and Novitas Plantae, based in the Netherlands, several new plant varieties will be released in North America.

Both companies have been working together since 1996 to increase the exhange of new plant material between North America and Europe. The focus of the two companies is the needs of plant breeders who are often not compensated when their new introductions are released in other countries.

In addition, both organizations have the end user -- the homeowner -- in mind when selecting plants to export. Certain criteria must be met such as being visually attractive and the plant must be improved over what is currently available. Improvements can include quicker growth or a higher level of hardiness.

Breeders are required to submit a photograph and a detailed botanical description for each prospective plant export.

Introducing new plant material -- foreign or domestic -- is essential to the nursery industry as they allow the industry to become and remain exciting.

New varieties are protected by licensing the production to select growers.

Pride of Place Plants
Fine New Plant Introductions
6110 Old East Road
Victoria, British Columbia
Canada V8Y 1V6

Phone: 1 (250) 652-6713
Fax: 1 (250) 652-5408

Email: info@prideofplaceplants.com

Clematis "Blue Light"™

Clematis "My Angel"™