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  The Kivistik Collection

Individual Plants

 Clematis "Maria Louise Jenson" ™ uspp#21,713P2
Clematis 'Konigskind' "Climador"™ uspp#21740P2
Agapanthus orientalis "Baby Pete"
Salix integra 'Flamingo' USPP #17490, COPF
"Highlander Series of dwarf Delphiniums
Echinacea purpurea "Green Envy"
Potentilla fruticosa 'Marob' "Marion Red Robin'' ™
GauraPinkLady2b.jpg (72933 bytes) GAURA lindheimeri `Pink Lady’

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Pride of Place Plants Inc.,
  • Works in partnership with plant breeders worldwide to offer Fine New Plant Introductions to commercial growers. Generally these breeders have spent considerable amounts of time, energy and costs developing something new and very special to improve success to the growers and ultimately the gardening landscape.
  • Pride of Place Plants Inc., facilitates the Licensing and establishment of commercial production to meet the consumer demand for new and improved cultivars.
  • Our plant selection criteria is to provide success to the home gardeners experience through beauty abundance of flowers, size, disease resistance etc.
  • We do not take retail inquiries but rather direct you to the growers for that information.
  • On the following pages, enjoy some of our offerings and contact your nearest wholesale or retail nursery for supply.


Pride of Place Plants Inc.™
Fine New Plant Introductions

6110 Old East Road
Victoria, British Columbia
Canada V8Y 1V6

Phone: 1 (250) 652-6713
Fax: 1 (250) 652-5408


Website :


Anemone hybrid Macane001 pp#23132 Wild Swan ™, copf

2011: This years Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Year Award has been won by Anemone hybrid Macane001 pp#23132 Wild Swan ™, copf
Dicentra spectabilis Valentine ® USPP22739 – the compact true red game changer

Clematis hybrid Minister uspp#22899

“Minister” displays large violet blue double or semi double flowers in spring and single blooms later. Shown off with creamy colored filaments tipped and with reddish-purple anthers. The flowers 6 tepals have a slightly infused darker violet bar and are elliptic pointed to 10 cm length! Blooming very prolifically from late spring to late summer. Bred to withstand the cold climates of Estonia. “Minister” is absolutely excellent for container growing and small gardens, with its compact growth habit, meeting the current trends. As with all of the fine Kivistik clematis hybrid selections, this clematis blooms annually, developing flowers on the current seasons growth. Continued success is a sure thing with this clematis! The Kivistiks have resolved the frustrations of the past for the clematis gardeners!

Minister” is well suited for cold climates and can be pruned 30cm from the ground and then mulched before winter. It has been bred and tested for the climates of Estonia. (group 2) Disease and insect resistance as well.

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bluelight2_tb.jpg (7170 bytes)

Clematis serratifolia ‘kugotia pp#20952 “Golden Tiara”® copf

bluelight4_tb.jpg (4741 bytes)

Clematis “Maria Louise Jensen” uspp#21,713P2 


Individual Plants

Lavandulahazel04_180.jpg (17152 bytes)

Lavandulas toechas ‘Hazel’ uspp#20894

Lavandula stoechas ‘Winter Bee’ uspp#20840

att25.jpg (102436 bytes)

Lithodora diffusa 'Star' pp#10096

gaura1.jpg (38210 bytes)

Gaura lindheimeri "Passionate Pink" ™

hanabi4.jpg (12707 bytes)

Hydrangea macrophyllla "Hanabi"™

lindheimeri_med.jpg (34856 bytes)

Gaura linheimeri
"Benso Blushing Butterflies"pp 14661

sunnybutterflieslarge.jpg (81622 bytes)

Gaura linheimeri 'Colso'
"Sunny Butterflies"™

crimsonbutterfly.jpg (93923 bytes)

Gaura lindheimeri "Crimson Butterflies"™

hbbig.jpg (91482 bytes)

Lonicera 'Novso'p.p.a.f. "Honey Baby" ®copf

kugotialg.jpg (69921 bytes)

Clematis serratifolia ‘kugotia pp#20952 “Golden Tiara” copf"

indiansummer1.jpg (113265 bytes)

Campsis x tagliabuana ‘kudian’ pp#13139 “Indian Summer”™ copf"

bluelight2.jpg (71428 bytes)

Clematis 'Vanso' pp#15953 "Blue Light"®

International Clematis Society

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