Links: Gardening with Perennials:

  • GardenGuides
    A Growing resource for gardeners

  • Gardening Ideas
    This is perhaps the most important gardening tip of all, in that even with the right tools you can still misuse them; therefore possibly causing unnecessary strain on your body.

  • Gardens Plus
    Extensive collection of Daylilies, Hosta, Coral Bells and Cone flowers. Gardens and greenhouses open from early May until July 31st annually. 10-4 daily except Thursdays & Fridays 10-7 and closed Tuesdays.

  • Gardens2Wish4
    Garden design company based in North London: Providing design, construction project management, and planting service.

  • Halifax Seed Co. Inc.
    Canada's oldest seed company, established in 1866.

  • Hort Chat
    A Master Gardener's site with articles on plant care and Q&A.

    Hosta and daylily site

  • John and Bobs Organic Soil Conditioners
    We have developed a line of natural and organic soil conditioners improve any poor, compacted or lifeless soils. These products reflect our belief in a healthy, productive lifestyle and extend our work to improve lives through gardening.

  • Johnny's Selected Seeds
    over900 varieties of vegetable, flower, herb seeds; garden accessories.

  • La Pivoinerie D'Aoust
    A specialized mail order peony nursery. Peonies are field grown and dug to order each September ready for fall planting.

  • Lewis Gardens: Gardening and Perennial Resource
    Description: Gardening tips, information and advice on home gardening and the care of perennials.

  • Lilies in the Valley
    Lilies in the Valley is a garden center and lily farm located in northern Ontario, Canada. We sell Asiatic, Oriental, Trumpet, Tiger, Orienpet and Daylilies. We ship internationally and take pride in our product and service.

  • Mike's Garden Top 5 Plants
    Plant selections

  • Nature's Best Masked Flower Images

  • Ontario Seed Co. Ltd. (OSC)
    Untreated vegetable, herb, flower seeds; native grasses; conservation and wetland mixes; wildflowers.

  • Pan American Nursery Products Inc.
    Wholesale nursery - bareroot package,potted rose bushes, flower bulbs,perennials, small fruits, shrubs, seed potatoes, onion sets, etc.

  • Perrys Perennial Pages

  • Planterra
    Planterra is a provider of acclimated tropical foliage for interiors. The website has good photographs of houseplants as well as resources on interior landscaping.

  • Prairie Originals
    We specialize in growing native plants for landscaping. We sell Manitoba Prairie Wildflower Seeds and Plants, Grasses, Shrubs & Vines.

  • Rhododendron & Azaleas by Steve Henning
    These pages are the result of information I have picked up over 35 years at American Rhododendron Society meetings, and in the numerous books which I have made available in the Rhododendron and Azalea Bookstore.

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  • New Eden
  • Kids Garden
  • Plant a Row Grow a Row