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Gardening For Kids


Kristen's Gardening
I am going to plant some flowers . First I am going to get a seed and pot it in some soil and give it a tiny bit of water and wait at least 2 weeks at the most. What you should have is a little seedling and when you are waiting give it a little bit more water or else it will not grow. When it gets big you can cut a little bit off and put it in water and it will grow roots and you can pot it up and if you keep on doing it you should have tons of plants. You can have a beautiful garden with many more plants just like mine. I hope your garden turns out fine. I am 8 years old, and I did this by myself I hope you like it just like me. I am not that old to be doing gardening myself so I get a tiny bit of help from my mom ,dad and my grandma.

By Kristen Oliver, 8 years old, Grade 3, Ontario

Slugs (Special Little Uxbridge Gardeners)
SLUGS celebrated their third season this year with a record 263 children as registered members! The older children who did not want to leave the group ( age limit was 10 and under, now I have upped the ante to 12 and under) became my "Sluggers". They are my assistants and you might well guess, I need all the help I can get. Anyway, our season went from mid-April to Canada Day weekend, every Saturday morning at 9:00, in the empty lot beside my house. (P.S., I have great neighbours who ignore the traffic jam and often, donate plants, etc.) .

In addition to our weekly meetings where we have guest speakers, crafts, show and tells, hands-on projects (ie: Sunflower Secret Garden) and you name it, it happens, the SLUGS are also involved in many community efforts which means we continue to meet informally throughout the rest of the growing season. Responding to popular demand, I will be starting up a new Fall/Winter monthly meeting at our local library. This will give everyone the opportunity to explore the wonders of Autumn and get a jump-start on starting seeds indoors, come Spring.

The children never cease to amaze me and I often relate their wonder to the entire experience of gardening. My "off-season" seminar topics include one which is my favourite, "Lead our children into the garden and watch THEM bloom". I always sign off, with love and laughter and, given our motto: Slime is how a SLUG spells Smile, you get an idea of how much fun we continue to have.

For any that are interested in contacting us please ask them to write to me at or phone me at 905-852-9643

Natural Schools
Transforming school grounds into healthy environments of inspiration, education and play

In Your Own Backyard - ways you can help wildlife!

Arbor Week in Ontario - Last Friday in April! The Supersite for Kids!

A Herbal Lesson or Two
by Claudia Sutton
as submitted to the "Ottawa-Carleton This Month" & Merrickville Phoenix

On May 9th, our backyard greenhouse business, "Forget-me-Not Herbs 'n' Wildflowers", hosted a one-hour herbal talk to 50 Grade 3/4 students from Oxford-on-Rideau School of Oxford Mills, Ontario..
Due to rainy conditions, the children were lined up in the herb greenhouse where Chris pointed out the many uses of herbs, incuding cooking with herbs and how herbs enhance a food's flavor. Chris also explained how herbs are used for medicines and for cosmetics including herbal salves. A brief history of herbs was given, describing their beginnings hundreds of years ago for ailments and for their soothing qualities.
The children were encouraged to use their senses of "touch and smell" by sampling the scents of mints, oreganos, lovage and chives, amongst many others. It was demonstrated how aloe vera can heal cuts and scrapes. It was also pointed out to the children how a variety of herbs, including lavender and chamomile, are used for skin care.
The one-hour herbal talk was followed by a herbal treat of home-made lemon verbena cookies and mint tea. The children were given a "sunflower" starter plant, potted up in a peat pot, to take home and nuture on their windowsill to plant in their gardens this summer.
We feel encouraged that the children had a herbally good "thyme" as we would like to offer this herbal event on an annual basis to local school children as a way to keep our children connected to the earth in our technological age.

Chris and Claudia Sutton operate
"Forget-me-Not Herbs 'n' Wildflowers" from their backyard greenhouses where they sell potted medicinal, culinary and ornamental herbs, perennials, small trees and shrubs and hanging baskets. This summer they are also offering a wider variety of herbal workshops in addition to garden events. Their e-mail address is and postal address is 1920 Beach Road, Oxford Mills, Ontario KOG 1SO.

An Ode To My Children - See You in September

Hooray! Hooray the first of May
My real life restarts today
Hooray! at last the days grow longer
Already I feel my spirit grow stronger

"So why" you ask, does this excite me so much?
Cause from now, until fall, housework I don't touch

Inside the dust bunnies are larger than life
Too bad, I'm now "gardener", no longer "the wife"

There's many more hours, to play in my flowers
To think "what's for supper?" is not in my powers

I'm sowing my seeds, patiently watching them grow
That mountain of laundry is no longer my foe

Mom can you stop what you're doing and just drive me there?
Think I planted the car keys and can't remember where

The fridge can rot
I've plants to pot

The dust's an inch thick
It should make me sick!

The toilet needs cleaning
These children need weaning
Stop calling to me when work needs done
It's too bad, I'm busy, I'm out having fun

Bills stamped "final notice"
Can wait till fall solstice

Mom, we're out of t.p. oh why can't they see
These trivial things mean sweet tweet to me

For while the sun shines
And I'm into my wines,
You'll find me out seed'in
In the garden of weed'en

My mind is in peace
It's a six month release

So before the days shorten and it's again cold
That ring round the tub can just turn to mold

Sent in by Arlene Birmingham of Way to Grow


I have never done this, but a friend of mine describes how she used to put down a small patch of old carpet (maybe 2'x3'), and plant sunflowers around 3 sides of it, and when they were tall, tying the tops loosely together near the heads. This made a green hideout for small children to play in.

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