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Gaia Green Premium Organic Fertilizer Blends are designed to meet specific requirements, and to improve the general vitality of your soil. Organic gardeners and farmers everywhere are discovering the benefits from using Gaia Green Premium blends for organic gardening.

Our Blends are formulated using only the finest organic and mineral inputs to ensure a complete balance of nutrients. All of our products are free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, providing you with an alternative to conventional products. AllGaia Green Premium Organic Fertilizers are 100% environmentally friendly, are acceptable for Organic Food Production and are G.M.O. Free. Gaia Green Blends are available in convenient 10kg. bags and/or in a 2 kg. reusable pail.

Blended Products
All Purpose 4-4-4 Blood & Bone Plus 9-5-5 Living Soil Blend
Power Bloom 2-8-4 Turf & Lawn Blend 6-2-3 Vegetative Blend 5-2-2
Ingredient Products
Alfalfa Meal 3-2-2 Blood Meal 12-0-0 Greensand 0-0-3
Kelp Meal 1-0-2 K-Mag (Langbeinite) 0-0-22 Leonardite (Humate) 1-0-0
Rock Phosphate 0-3-0 Seabird Guano 13-12-3
Additional Products
Bat Guano 0-15-0 Steamed Bone Meal 2-11-0 Worm Casting
Fertilizing Soil Conditioner 4-4-2 Fishbone Meal 4-22-1 Glacial Rock Dust

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