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Laurel leaf Willow is Dying

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Jane19-May-00 01:11 PM EST   
Wayne Stubbington23-May-00 03:13 PM EST   
Cheryl28-May-00 11:51 PM EST   
Jane29-May-00 04:01 PM EST   

Subject: Laurel leaf Willow is Dying
From: Jane
Date: 19-May-00 01:11 PM EST

Let me try this again. I have a 15 yr old laurel leaf willow that thrived until about 4 years ago. It started to produce fewer and fewer leaves and each winter had large branches die back. I tried deep root watering and fertilizing. Two years ago in the fall I cut it back quite harshly in the hopes of triggering growth in the spring. Lots of little branches appeared but no strong growth. Is it hopeless?

Subject: RE: Laurel leaf Willow is Dying
From: Wayne Stubbington
Date: 23-May-00 03:13 PM EST

I have found the roots have turned mushy and can no longer support the tree . They then became fodder for Red galled saw flies which lay eggs in the leaves. A holy mess . We took ours down and are happy . Our neighbours are still fighting a losing battle with theirs.Good Luck

Subject: RE: Laurel leaf Willow is Dying
From: Cheryl
Date: 28-May-00 11:51 PM EST

I have a larel leaf willow, actually our second one, the first one we had to chop down as the branches all turned back and there seemed to be lots of die back come spring. I have sent branches away to the University and they told me it was winter kill, would that be possible.

Subject: RE: Laurel leaf Willow is Dying
From: Jane
Date: 29-May-00 04:01 PM EST

Thanks to Wayne and Cheryl for your thoughts on this. I think the tree was too mature to be damaged this severely by winter kill. It seems to be dying from the centre and I've seen sawflies eggs in the leaves. But what caused the "mushy roots"?

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