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Salix Hakura Nishiki

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Carole17-May-00 07:31 PM EST   
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dave14-Jan-01 04:04 PM EST   
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Subject: Salix Hakura Nishiki
From: Joan
Date: 17-May-00 02:42 PM EST

I'm wanting some general information on this tree in a standard form?

Subject: RE: Salix Hakura Nishiki
Date: 17-May-00 03:14 PM EST

Beautiful!!!! It grows in full sun in the children's garden at VanDusen Botanical garden in Vancouver (Zone 7-8) and is always a stopper for the adults. Keep trimming it back lightly throughout the growing season as this encourages the new growth which is the part that has the pink tinge. Being a willow it seems quite tough (disease resistant here) and at VBG it is underplanted with annuals and bulbs which means it gets regular watering throughout the summer months. Every fall they seem to mulch all their garden beds with compost and bark to maintain a healthy soil. This plant is great in small gardens as shown at VBG and I've also seen it used effectively as a patio tree in a large container. I'm just trying to locate info on its hardiness zone. I'll let you know as soon as I get it if no one else answers you first.

Subject: RE: Salix Hakura Nishiki
From: Carole
Date: 17-May-00 07:31 PM EST

It is quite hardy in Nova Scotia Zone 5,last few winters lot of freeze and thaw,mine seems fine. It is a beautiful shrub.

Subject: RE: Salix Hakura Nishiki
Date: 18-May-00 11:25 AM EST

It is hardy to -25 deg.Celcius. Hope this helps!

Subject: RE: Salix Hakura Nishiki
From: dave
Date: 14-Jan-01 04:04 PM EST

Hi i live in calagry and im trying to grow corkscrew willow , i have one growing for 3 years now,but its a struggle ,any sugestions greatfully recived.

Subject: RE: Salix Hakura Nishiki
From: Brian @ P&P Plants
Date: 15-Jan-01 12:00 AM EST

I have some Native Willows that I have grown from seed & cuttings. These are hardy for Zone 3. If you are interested, please message me. I can give you more information on their growth characteristics and appearance.

Subject: RE: Salix Hakura Nishiki
Date: 03-May-04 09:20 AM EST

I am confused! I thought the common name for Salix 'Hakuro Nishiki' was Dappled Willow.

I have a corkscrew willow (Salix x 'Erythroflexuosa')considered a small tree with spirally twisted widely spreading branches. Can anyone tell me if its roots are a danger to close buildings, sidewalks etc.? It is two years old and I love it but am worried about its roots.

Subject: RE: Salix Hakura Nishiki
From: (
Date: 05-May-04 07:53 AM EST

Hi Brian,

I read your message about Native Willows for Zone 3. I am working at an ecolodge right now in Temagami, ON and my employer and I are building a living willow fence. We are looking to harvest willows from the surrounding area and I was wondering if you might be able to recommend any Native varieties that would be appropriate to use. I believe we have pussy willows and another variation with a greenish yellow twig.

Thanks for your help,


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