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Brome grass as a soil supplement?

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Deb18-Sep-11 05:56 PM EST 3a   
ken29-Jan-13 10:39 AM EST 8   

Subject: Brome grass as a soil supplement?
From: Deb
Zone: 3a
Date: 18-Sep-11 05:56 PM EST

I am wondering if anyone knows about, or has used, brome grass (hay) for either mulch or as a soil supplement. I got several bales of it delivered by mistake, instead of oat straw, and not sure if it s gonna be too weedy or not. Thanx

Subject: RE: Brome grass as a soil supplement?
From: ken
Zone: 8
Date: 29-Jan-13 10:39 AM EST

just use a partial of that grass if it is working, just to make sure it won't be messy.

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