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Indoor Canna Lily Care

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Aimee06-Jul-11 04:40 PM EST 7b   

Subject: Indoor Canna Lily Care
From: Aimee
Zone: 7b
Date: 06-Jul-11 04:40 PM EST

My fiance and I bought a canna lily at Kroger, it is about 2 feet tall and is in a pot that has a 14" diameter. It was beautiful! We have put it in the living room in the corner and it receives medium light. It bloomed beautifully. We began putting it by the back door to get the day sun, but not much shone through the window. I've kept the soil pretty moist. I noticed the cat chewing on it so we moved it.It has begun to wilt, so today I put it outside for about 6 hours in direct sunlight and watered it till water started to drain. I go back out six hours later and some of the leaves have all dried up and is even more wilted. Could the cat have killed it or made it want to "rest"? I've read everything under the sun on outside care, but need to know how to care for this plant strictly indoors. The pot is extremely heavy and is very hard to move it from the corner all the way outside on the patio. What should I do? Thank you!

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