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Subject: geranium, gransbill,novelites, etc.
From: Patricia
Zone: 5
Date: 04-Jun-11 04:58 PM EST

I would like to know, where I might be able to find. In Canada, all the different kinds of geraniums that you won't find in garden nurserys. like, fancy leaf, the scented leaf. The odd types of, the gransbill. I like these kind of geraniums, I know that there is another type. Pelargoium, they have a rose bud, and the novelties ones. They I believe are the Rose Bub types. So if there is anyone out there that can send to this form, and let me know where I can find them that would be great. Thank you.

Subject: RE: geranium
Date: 08-Jun-11 04:12 PM EST

Subject: RE: geranium
Date: 08-Jun-11 04:19 PM EST

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